Friday, August 24, 2012

Re: Larry, Rugby. TGIF, Birthday.

My reading this week for school is about professional relationships between health care practitioners and interdisciplinary health care processes. Blah blah .. a perfect example of an open system in mainsteam healthcare NOT working happened today when we sat in the waiting room at the renal house for 2 hours because Larry's paperwork was lost. Good one. The only thing that came from todays 2 hour wait and 5 minute appointment was an upped dosage of heart meds, advised to diet and that the "bites" on him very much so are phosphorus related and not bed bugs or dust mites. Next week we have the appointment with the Urologist. Keeping my hopes up for a slot in surgery before the end of next month.

The ITM Cup began last night when Hawkes Bay played Auckland. Shocking game .. we lost, but I'd like to blame it on the new laws (rugby laws) they trialed during the game. I do like the timed limit on the conversion kick. It got boring watching Dan Carter mouth "falafel" before every kick back when he was easter egging earlier in his career. I'm all for that law. The ruck time-limit - once the ball is out (behind) the ruck you have 5 seconds to play it. The big one is the new scrum call to action. "Crouch, touch. pause, engage", is now "Crouch, touch, SET". Reminds me of American football. One law I'd to see implemented is restricting the amount of scrums in a game because restarting by way of a scrum can go on forever. I've been to games where, easily, half of the game was made up of scrums. Scrums are awarded because of an error. Award the error with a penalty not by restarting with a scrum, this doesn't make the game stimulating, which is what they're trying to accomplish trialing these new rules. Limit the amount of scrums per game!

If you want stimulation in a game, you switch codes and go to rugby league. Rugby is slow, beefy therapeutic work. League is fast, ADHD, 5-chances-to-get-there invigorating work.

Hog's Breath yesterday for Tyler who turned 19 today.
I'm going to enjoy my sunny weekend.

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