Monday, August 27, 2012

Pimp my ride.

When I put gas in the car the other day it only filled 1/4 of the tank and I pumped $50 worth in. That's how pricey gas is right now and we have a car with a V6 engine that chews up the gas. On Friday Larry talked me out of trading it in for something smaller giving me the cons of financing and not out right owning the car like we do this one and saying it would be cheaper to fix what's wrong with it than to finance one over a few years.


So since we're still a few years away from a new car, it's time to rennovate the current one. Max (car) has new tires. He has some minor engine woes and he stopped squeeling now the weather is dryer. He's due for a lube and could do with a wash. One thing he does need is tinted windows. I feel for Larry when he has to close his eyes all the way to our destination whenever we go somewhere. Tints will be to lessen the glare so that he can open his eyes. Yes sunglasses work, but are not enough. Tints will also be for when he falls asleep in the car with his mouth open with a lollypop stick hanging out and I'm parked outside the KMart. No one needs to see that.

So tints it is. Maybe not this month or the next, but definately before the sun comes back to torture us in summer.

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