Friday, August 3, 2012

Happy August

Even though it's been raining since Monday (and it's here till Wednesday next week), Spring is coming.

Blossoms & lamb tail season.
I hate lamb tails, but they're considered a delicacy here and people freeze those suckers for off season consumption. Living the rural life, someone always leaves a sackful of lambtails on our door step. I use to freeze them for when my brothers came home from Australia for christmas, but this year my freezer is full of frozen feijoas.
I'm very much over the cold and look forward to warmer days.
I'll say the same thing when it's hot.

Hats off to NZ winning gold last night in mens double sculls. Yelled at the TV more last night than I did during the gripping Crusaders vs Chiefs game last weekend.
Speaking of rugby .. Prem's season is OVER!
Free Saturdays!
MAC sits at 7th on the points table of 10.
It's all good .. we're gold winners in spirit.

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