Monday, August 6, 2012

DP - School - Re: Larry - Thanksiving 2012

Daily Photo.
The Blue Moon.

Heading out back to get some wood lastnight I saw the shot waiting for me right outside my back door.
It pays to always be looking for a shot.
That's how it is.

School began today.
First subject has never been my best.

Dialysis at 3 .. apparently he is not receiving enough dialysis and they've boosted his hours. His urea levels came back too high last week. Overall, he feels as well as he can be.

Operation Turkey Day 2012 began lastnight when I confirmed my menu. I'm up in the air about inviting as many people as I did last year, but I do like that there were alot of people to enjoy the day with. To share the love, I'll invite different people this year .. not including my family. They'll come whether they receive an invite or not and that, quite frankly, can't be helped.

I saw huge martini glasses in Harvey Norman a few days ago. I can't stop thinking about them, but at $70 each I'm going to have to. They'd be perfecto for salads.

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