Sunday, August 26, 2012

Cheers to the .... weekend.

What a week.
Did something for ourselves yesterday, now we're without extras.
I've been wanting citrus tree's up the drive way for a while now, but my Mum kept telling me it was the wrong place to put them. I didn't listen and planted a lime tree and tangelo tree.

Now I need a fence and a gate and a shot gun so I can sit on the porch like a hillbilly because come on .. rural .. everyones related .. the hills do have eyes here.

Had portobello mushroom burgers for dinner. Don't ever ever slice mushrooms if your intention is to imitate meat. Battering the mushrooms kept the juices in.

Gherkin relish, camembert cheese and crackers have always reminded me of my high school BFF who became my sis-in-law. I looked everywhere for the relish yesterday and found it at New World. Pak n Save & Countdown did not have the stuff. It was in the specialty aisle with the oil infusions, fancy pickles and relishes and local vintage Ports.

We were supposed to go on a picnic with our cheeses & crackers, but it's too cold.

Smoked Dutch Gouda = muy deliciosa.

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