Monday, August 20, 2012

And although there's pain in my chest I still wish you the best ...

Something happened in the weekend..

3 years ago when we moved back I told Larry the biggest problem we'd ever have here would involve family members and I was right.

Hastings is a small town. Jealousy is rampant here probably more so than lamb births in the whole country. An even bigger problem is that it's loved ones who kick you in the teeth when you didn't need kicking. It's a common phrase here to say "People need to get out of this hole, there isn't anything here but jealous people talking smack" and it's quite true. This is why I have no clique here outside of my husband, parents and siblings. I don't mix with friends here because something just makes you not fit in. I don't mingle at church because it's hard to know who to trust and I don't tend to associate with extended family too often because there is always drama.

It doesn't say in the bible directly to forgive and forget, but in Hebrew chapter 8 there are two passages that, when taken together, give the command to forgive and forget.

I forgive you and now I forget you .. and when I say forget I mean it in it's literal definition and the un-edited version of CeeLo Greens 2010 instant hit.


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