Friday, August 31, 2012

End of August.

You don't need to go to Breakers for an All Day Breakfast when you live at my house!
At Larry's request, before heading to see the Urologist for a pre-surgery appointment, he wanted an all day breakfast just like Breakers makes.
He didn't tip the chef.

The surgery appointment was to sign consent forms re: inserting the tenckhoff. Nothing out of the ordinary and we were out of there within 5 minutes of entering the office. Sometime in the next 6 weeks he'll have surgery. The charge nurse over the renal department has requested they have him on the on-call surgery list where they could call him the morning of the surgery to head in. Light breakfasts from now on. We'll be more flexible to head out of town once he's on PD. Good news. 

Passed my scientific notation paper. 2 down, 10 to go. I had to resubmit it 3 times to get the answers above average for the competent grade, but I still passed.

Patiently awaiting Spring.
Here's Tyler standing on my car in a typical NZ East Coast sunset.

Our baby Carlos is 2 on Sunday!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Reminiscing with Recormon.

Here's 46 used recormon shots.
15 weeks of shots.

As a non resident:

Recormon per 6000IUI shot = $250.00
Dosage: 3 shots per week.
$750.00 per week.
$3000.00 per month
$9000.00 for 3 months

As a Resident:

$3 for a 3 month prescription.
Per shot? 8c.

Holy shishi.


6.50am sunrise this morning.
I only woke up because I could see purple colors coming through the bathroom window.

Most people know I have a perfume habit. I haven't purchased a bottle of anything for a few years because of the downgrade from high to low maintenance. My two recent bottles, Echo by Davidoff and Crystal Noir by Versace, came as payment for a fragrance website I did some work for. Perfume is not cheap here. I have so many perfumes because they were cheap in the USA. So when my brother bought back Katy Perry's Meow from Australia for his wife, I caught the scent of it and knew it was right up my alley.

A late anniversary present. It really does smell good. Doesn't last all day like Hypnotic Poison by Dior, but still a top notch scent. Larry's anniversary present is a new graphics card, more RAM and an 8 core something.
Since I passed math, the ratio of the gifts is 7:80.
Just sayin.

I like the sweet, smells-like-you-could-eat-it scents.Worst perfume I've ever had is the Twilight perfume Forbidden Love (I'm rolling my eyes too). It never did smell like the supposed lavender and freesia it claimed to smelled like, but resembled more the ocean-breeze 99cent store toilet spray. Got it from eBay for $50USD and sold it to a hardcore twilight fan on TradeMe for $300NZD a few christmas's ago. There were a few of them battling it out to win it and that was the final price.

Time for dialysis.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Pimp my ride.

When I put gas in the car the other day it only filled 1/4 of the tank and I pumped $50 worth in. That's how pricey gas is right now and we have a car with a V6 engine that chews up the gas. On Friday Larry talked me out of trading it in for something smaller giving me the cons of financing and not out right owning the car like we do this one and saying it would be cheaper to fix what's wrong with it than to finance one over a few years.


So since we're still a few years away from a new car, it's time to rennovate the current one. Max (car) has new tires. He has some minor engine woes and he stopped squeeling now the weather is dryer. He's due for a lube and could do with a wash. One thing he does need is tinted windows. I feel for Larry when he has to close his eyes all the way to our destination whenever we go somewhere. Tints will be to lessen the glare so that he can open his eyes. Yes sunglasses work, but are not enough. Tints will also be for when he falls asleep in the car with his mouth open with a lollypop stick hanging out and I'm parked outside the KMart. No one needs to see that.

So tints it is. Maybe not this month or the next, but definately before the sun comes back to torture us in summer.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Cheers to the .... weekend.

What a week.
Did something for ourselves yesterday, now we're without extras.
I've been wanting citrus tree's up the drive way for a while now, but my Mum kept telling me it was the wrong place to put them. I didn't listen and planted a lime tree and tangelo tree.

Now I need a fence and a gate and a shot gun so I can sit on the porch like a hillbilly because come on .. rural .. everyones related .. the hills do have eyes here.

Had portobello mushroom burgers for dinner. Don't ever ever slice mushrooms if your intention is to imitate meat. Battering the mushrooms kept the juices in.

Gherkin relish, camembert cheese and crackers have always reminded me of my high school BFF who became my sis-in-law. I looked everywhere for the relish yesterday and found it at New World. Pak n Save & Countdown did not have the stuff. It was in the specialty aisle with the oil infusions, fancy pickles and relishes and local vintage Ports.

We were supposed to go on a picnic with our cheeses & crackers, but it's too cold.

Smoked Dutch Gouda = muy deliciosa.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Re: Larry, Rugby. TGIF, Birthday.

My reading this week for school is about professional relationships between health care practitioners and interdisciplinary health care processes. Blah blah .. a perfect example of an open system in mainsteam healthcare NOT working happened today when we sat in the waiting room at the renal house for 2 hours because Larry's paperwork was lost. Good one. The only thing that came from todays 2 hour wait and 5 minute appointment was an upped dosage of heart meds, advised to diet and that the "bites" on him very much so are phosphorus related and not bed bugs or dust mites. Next week we have the appointment with the Urologist. Keeping my hopes up for a slot in surgery before the end of next month.

The ITM Cup began last night when Hawkes Bay played Auckland. Shocking game .. we lost, but I'd like to blame it on the new laws (rugby laws) they trialed during the game. I do like the timed limit on the conversion kick. It got boring watching Dan Carter mouth "falafel" before every kick back when he was easter egging earlier in his career. I'm all for that law. The ruck time-limit - once the ball is out (behind) the ruck you have 5 seconds to play it. The big one is the new scrum call to action. "Crouch, touch. pause, engage", is now "Crouch, touch, SET". Reminds me of American football. One law I'd to see implemented is restricting the amount of scrums in a game because restarting by way of a scrum can go on forever. I've been to games where, easily, half of the game was made up of scrums. Scrums are awarded because of an error. Award the error with a penalty not by restarting with a scrum, this doesn't make the game stimulating, which is what they're trying to accomplish trialing these new rules. Limit the amount of scrums per game!

If you want stimulation in a game, you switch codes and go to rugby league. Rugby is slow, beefy therapeutic work. League is fast, ADHD, 5-chances-to-get-there invigorating work.

Hog's Breath yesterday for Tyler who turned 19 today.
I'm going to enjoy my sunny weekend.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Just stuff.

Larry has a Nephrologist appointment tomorrow morning. Next Friday he has the appointment with the surgeon. Fingers crossed he's back on PD soon. He has these welts all over his body at the moment. They look like bug bites, but they're linked to phosporus levels. His meds need to be adjusted.

Passed math.
It came as a surprise considering I haven't done math since I was 15.
Probably passed the Metric system unit.
This week is Lab Safety, chemicals and all that good stuff.
Who knew a lab was so complicated. The dialysis unit was complicated enough.

My brother arrived back from Australia today for his off week. He works in the mines in Karratha. It's so bare there they pay good money because no one wants to move there. Example: Subway workers make $1000 a week in Karratha. I've been telling his wife all week that she's going to have baby number 6 in 9 months.

Conned a treadmill out of my brother (the same one as mentioned above) by way of a guilt trip. Treadmill will be my new friend once all the M&Ms in my cupboard have been devoured.

I need an iced chocolate.
It's been a rough week.

Monday, August 20, 2012

And although there's pain in my chest I still wish you the best ...

Something happened in the weekend..

3 years ago when we moved back I told Larry the biggest problem we'd ever have here would involve family members and I was right.

Hastings is a small town. Jealousy is rampant here probably more so than lamb births in the whole country. An even bigger problem is that it's loved ones who kick you in the teeth when you didn't need kicking. It's a common phrase here to say "People need to get out of this hole, there isn't anything here but jealous people talking smack" and it's quite true. This is why I have no clique here outside of my husband, parents and siblings. I don't mix with friends here because something just makes you not fit in. I don't mingle at church because it's hard to know who to trust and I don't tend to associate with extended family too often because there is always drama.

It doesn't say in the bible directly to forgive and forget, but in Hebrew chapter 8 there are two passages that, when taken together, give the command to forgive and forget.

I forgive you and now I forget you .. and when I say forget I mean it in it's literal definition and the un-edited version of CeeLo Greens 2010 instant hit.


Sunday, August 19, 2012

Re: Larry

Larry was hooked up to the blood pressure cup on Wednesday to be monitored for 24 hours to see what his BP does. It's up and down during dialysis. It was in the mid 200s when he was first hooked up and this is typical. He has his heart meds after dialysis on treatment days. We have not heard the results from that yet. I originally thought it was to monitor for the transplant surgery, but no. It was for the dialysis nurses who are boggled about why his BP is up and down during treatment.

After 8 months we finally have an appointment with the surgeon for the tenckhoff installation. The surgeon is the same surgeon who installed the last non-working one. We did request a different surgeon this time round, but it wasn't so. We'll see him at the end of the month .. hope to be on PD by Christmas!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Saturday - Rugby League, Rugby

After lunch at Breakers with 7 kids, which turned out to be not so bad, it was League time.
Rugby League is a faster game than rugby and you only have 5 chances to run the ball down the field to your try line before it gets turned over to the other team. Less team players than rugby and it's played on warmer Saturdays.
My cousin Ephraim, he has the ball, played for the team my team played against. It was hard to know who to cheer for today because of that. He got their first try for the season.

Jay fending.

Bridge Pa League vs Outkast.
They did not win.
58-30 to Outkast. Good game though.

This is why it's called Hawkes Bay.
I stood outside for 20 minutes before the bird flew away. I should have taken a photo of all the shoes I tried to throw at it to get it to move.

Happy USA Anniversary Splinegod.
I think you're the bravest person I've ever met and it still makes me giddy to know you are mine forever ... and I'm yours ... good luck with that last part.

Tonight is the first game for the Rugby Championship competition, once known as Tri-Nations, it became a new comp when Argentina entered. Basically, four southern hemisphere teams playing for the Bledisloe cup. The All Blacks play Australia in Sydney tonight and Argentina play South Africa in Cape Town at 3am.

As much as I'd like to go for the underdogs (Argentina), New Zealand need to bring their game tonight to hold their rep as the World Champions.
The Wallabies have a good team this year.

... 5 days till my sister comes!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Happy Anniversary mate!

12 years ago today, tomorrow US time, Larry woke me up on a hot summer afternoon to drive south on the 405 to get married in a notary office in Torrance, CA. 3 hours on the freeway, 10 minutes in the office. Then we went to Officemax right next to the notary office, and I bought a pink stapler just because it was pink.

We drove to Koo Koo Roo (a fancier KFC) on Riverside Blvd in Burbank, ate, then he dropped me back at the apartment to head back to work because Max Steele called.

It was that simple.
Just how I had always imagined it for myself.
Who else can say they got married in their pajamas?

Thursday, August 16, 2012


My iPod fell on my Blackberry back in April and cracked the screen. There's 32GBs worth of information on my phone and transfering all that crap over to a new phone was going to be a headache.

I thought of buying a new phone and hoped everything would sync nicely, but searches online told me it wouldn't happen that easily. Last month I decided I would just get a new phone because the crack got worse.

I went on eBay to buy the phone and came across a do-it-yourself housing unit for my model.

I may have cursed all afternoon trying to pry everything apart, but it's not a crackberry anymore.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Baby.

Hubba-lush relapsed.

After 3 - 4 months without her binky, we gave in because she's just so cute ... not to mention she's been baby-PMS'ing since April and everyone wanted to throw her down a well. She's a different child with her binky back.

We'll try again next year.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

The weekend.

Decided last week to downgrade to a hobbyist photographer. Hawkes Bay is not the place for such a profession. The bottom line is, everyone is family and they all want free photos. It doesn't pay for what I put into it. Even portraits ... I paid thousands for my cameras just to take portraits people are only willing to pay $100 for.
Fail. Hawkes Bay is too small for too many photographers.

I sold my studio equipment today to someone who has advanced in photography over a short period of time. Someone who I know will put it to good use and I'm happy to have done that for her. I kept the basics. I kept what I knew I'd use.

Daily Photo.
Didn't have one yesterday because too much was going on. Thanks to the sunshine, I got 6 loads of laundry done and the front and back lawns mowed.
The rain came back today.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Daily Photo

I like low lit environments.
The warmness, the flickering reflected off of other objects .. romantic.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Teenager .. Food .. DP

I've finally figured out how to use the tortilla press properly. The instructions that came with it were so backwards that the press stayed in the cupboard for 7 years. I almost didn't bring it back to NZ because no matter how closely I followed the instructions, it didn't work out.

Thank the tortilla angels, I figured it out.
So we had shrimp taco's for dinner.

Also called Don Cuco in Acton, CA myself to ask how they make their salsa. With a mixture of my hard-to-understand accent and his spanglish, I got a partial recipe, which was enough to master salsa.
Also todays DP.

The Giaffle.
10 layers of delicious.

gif creator online

Shai, who today upgraded from an annoying tween to an annoying teenager, was the first to ever taste The Giaffle.

Happy 13th Birthday Fool!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

DP & Such

Mount Tongariro erupted lastnight and we woke up to the fine smell of rotten eggs and ash on our freshly washed car. The ash plume has spread over most of the central north island. The last time it erupted was in 1897. If I really did feel like it, I'd drive up Te Mata peak for some good shots, but a math assessment calls my name.
Speaking of which ... I'm thankful for the brainbox that created a fractions to decimals calculator online AND to my walking wikipedia Larry.

Daily Photo.
Found this when I unpacked boxes that I still haven't fully unpacked from 3 years ago when we moved back to NZ.

I really do love America. It's my back up home in the event that New Zealand sinks one day.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Where everyone gets a bargain. (nothing to do with The Warehouse)

I begged $140 out of Larry for the giant martini glasses and was heading in the direction of Harvey Norman after dropping him off at dialysis this afternoon when I thought to try my luck at another shop in town.

Found these 3-footers for $30 each, plus two glasses under them for $10 each. $80 .. a deal right? Not exactly martini, but very much so giant and that's really the feature I wanted. Then she applied a 50% discount at the check-out.

It really was that exciting that I had to post.

I called Larry at dialysis to tell him how I saved $100. He kindly told me that for someone who was bitching just this morning about being dumb at math, I'm pretty good at it when it comes to shopping.

Now I know how my sis-in-law Michelle feels when she finds a $5 top at a brand store. She's a shopaholic frugal.

Grab-a-seat also alerted me that there were $31 flights, one way, from Auckland to Napier for December. So I got two tickets from Auckland using our airpoints .. now we just need to get there because Napier to Auckland sold out.

DP - School - Re: Larry - Thanksiving 2012

Daily Photo.
The Blue Moon.

Heading out back to get some wood lastnight I saw the shot waiting for me right outside my back door.
It pays to always be looking for a shot.
That's how it is.

School began today.
First subject has never been my best.

Dialysis at 3 .. apparently he is not receiving enough dialysis and they've boosted his hours. His urea levels came back too high last week. Overall, he feels as well as he can be.

Operation Turkey Day 2012 began lastnight when I confirmed my menu. I'm up in the air about inviting as many people as I did last year, but I do like that there were alot of people to enjoy the day with. To share the love, I'll invite different people this year .. not including my family. They'll come whether they receive an invite or not and that, quite frankly, can't be helped.

I saw huge martini glasses in Harvey Norman a few days ago. I can't stop thinking about them, but at $70 each I'm going to have to. They'd be perfecto for salads.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sunday update

Crab Bisque - 27/47
I wont go into specifics, but Old Bay Seasoning is a MUST.

You'll be surprised to know that when it comes to displaying photos, I'm not big on the idea. My mum and sister feel the same way. My bare walls screamed of neglect and when I saw cheap frames, I changed my mind. The decal, yes it's crooked, was the final touch.
It fits ... because we are.

2 years ago I joined an online photo group. Back then there were only 20,000 members, now there are near 1 million. Back when I was client number 19,000+ you didn't have to pay dues, now you do. They usually have a photo of the month assignment where they give you a theme and you go out and shoot then share. This month they've switched things up and the assignment is 'A Photo a Day' for a year and share so I'll be posting Daily Photos for year. It began on the 1st, but I only got the email yesterday so I start today.
This is the clock tower in the middle of town.
It's shot in HDRi with 6 brackets.

Beef stew using on the bone shins, with marrow, and roasting veges.
It really does smell fantastical.
Add a gravy mix right at the end to thicken it up and you're good to go.

Marrow is probably my favorite part of any meat.
Spread the marrow over bread and it's pure delish.
There's a restaurant in Napier, Mister D, that serves Marrow Ravioli. I am eager to try when we have the time to go to Napier next.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Little black mess.

My family don't believe me when I tell them that most nights after dialysis I spend sitting up with Larry doing all I can to get him through pains and discomfort that comes after a treatment. I think they think all I do is sleep all day ... Needless to say, I do because of late nights.

I love all your kids family, I really do .. But when you sit up till sometimes 5 in the morning holding a vomit bucket and consoling my sick husband ...then I'll babysit your kids.

Happy August

Even though it's been raining since Monday (and it's here till Wednesday next week), Spring is coming.

Blossoms & lamb tail season.
I hate lamb tails, but they're considered a delicacy here and people freeze those suckers for off season consumption. Living the rural life, someone always leaves a sackful of lambtails on our door step. I use to freeze them for when my brothers came home from Australia for christmas, but this year my freezer is full of frozen feijoas.
I'm very much over the cold and look forward to warmer days.
I'll say the same thing when it's hot.

Hats off to NZ winning gold last night in mens double sculls. Yelled at the TV more last night than I did during the gripping Crusaders vs Chiefs game last weekend.
Speaking of rugby .. Prem's season is OVER!
Free Saturdays!
MAC sits at 7th on the points table of 10.
It's all good .. we're gold winners in spirit.

Summer part 2

Nessa envisioned this shoot with my nephew Ellis. They pulled it all together very well. Hubs was supposed to be in it, but got stage fright...