Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Lomography is popular with the app Instagram. I found a lomo-filter a few months ago on a UK camera accessories website. It arrived in the mail over the weekend so I screwed it on to try out today.

I like it. It feels more real than hitting the lomo effect in an editing program. Doing that is the equivalent of spoon-feeding. Where's the challenge?

With the camera set to M and 5 shots later, I got the lomo effect.
Nice off hues, saturation & vignettes.
The Girls at Burma Rd overlooking Poukawa Valley.

Te Whare o Rangi tekoteko at Sunset.
Te Aute College.
Griffins NZ bought back a cookie that use to sell in the 80s. Michelle and I searched everywhere for them yesterday, but I don't think they had shelved them in The Bay yet. Found them today in one of the smaller supermarkets in the area.
$5.66 per pack.
I'd been talking about them for the last 2 days. It wasn't till I bought 6 packs, opened and consumed one cookie that I remembered how I didn't like them back in the 80s and that hadn't changed.
Orange marmalade, shortbread and chocolate.
Larry has a new favorite primate cookie.

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