Sunday, July 15, 2012

Re: Larry - Rough weekend.

I'm blaming KFC for making Larry sick during the week that rendered him totally disabled during the weekend. The worst day was yesterday. I left the house for an hour to do some grocery shopping and when I got back he had lost his cellphone. Found it in the washing machine after I figured out he had taken a bath during my absence. He didn't remember where he put it.

He was overloaded. I hit him with some codeine because being overloaded makes him cough like a mofo, which leads to him not being able to sleep and this is on top of the constant cramps and pains he has from haemo dialysis .. which he missed on Friday because he was too sick to go anywhere. Codeine acts as a cough suppressant.

Last night he didn't want to be alone in the bedroom so he slept on a chair here in the lounge while we screamed at the TV during the Crusaders rugby game. Now and again he'd open his eyes to see if we were all still in the lounge. He did the same thing today.

It reminds me of the time when he was at his worst with his illness. It's a chilling feeling. After sitting in the lounge with him all day today and letting him sleep, he rose from his slumber around 6pm ready for dinner (he hadn't eaten since Thursday).

This is what missing one day of dialysis can do to you. He had a valid excuse to miss Friday's treatment. One of his dialysis buddies can't deal with sitting there for the 5 hours he needs and instead moans to be taken off after 2 or 3 hours .. and that's why that guy is 24 liters overloaded.

Good news and bad news.
Good news: School holidays are over!
Bad news: Two weeks ago two extra bodies moved into our house for the school holidays. We were only able to evict one today .. the other refuses to leave. She'll be familiarizing herself with the vacuum cleaner this week.

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