Saturday, July 7, 2012

Big Weekend

We'll begin with 4th of July mango fondue.

Tyler dyed her hair red.

Gyoza for dinner lastnight. (22/47) I cheated because I have a gyoza press I bought from Little Tokyo in LA.

BIG day today.
My eldest niece Tyler, who is 19 next month, was baptised by Uncle Larry. He's not supposed to be doing anything of the kind just incase his lines get wet. He almost fell in on the way down into the font AND the bottom of his lines got wet during her immersion.

Larry, Tyler & Kiri (Tylers Mama).

The dunk. Tylers Dad, my brother who was 36 on the 5th (Happy Birthday Double O-G!), is away in Australia working and was unable to baptise her. Uncle Lazz was runner up.

Then we came home and Tyler crashed out on the floor because she worked from 10pm - 4am this morning.

MAC played Tamatea today and lost.
We have spirit .. but we don't have points to prove it.
It's ok .. it's even ok that Ev, my cousin below with the ball, done his knees and he's out for the season because MAC will be back next season!

Tomorrow my is the 1 year temple sealing anniversary of my brother and his wife. (Let this be a warning to you incase you have forgot) .. Monday will be our 2 year temple sealing anniversary.
July ... so far so good. Even the week long rain and the 7 pointer earthquake hasn't dampened our spirits.

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Andrew Landmann said...

"He's not supposed to be doing anything of the kind" Love it!!

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