Saturday, February 11, 2012


Death by Chocolate from Breakers was a big fail. The chocolate sauce was the $1 a bottle stuff from Heinz Staff Sales that tastes like orange juice. Staff sales are staff sales for a reason ... because staff screwed up the recipe and they can't sell it in stores. I know this because I have two bottles of the same sauce from the same place for the same price with the same taste. Orange juice.

Sweet breads. I made Larry & Tyler try them before I told them what they were.
Tyler thought they were chicken nuggets and Larry knew they weren't normal.
Sheep brains. A kiwi's foie gras.

Tried Ngatarawa Stables Sauvignon Blanc with the garlic broth.
Molto deliziosa!

Love winter and everything about it. Love having a fire burning every night. Love the gloom. Love the rain. Love the bitter cold and love those cold rugby mornings and afternoons. Love it.
Thanks to TradeMe, I found some locals selling wood for cheap and got our first bin load delivered this morning.

Winter in Rural-ville is extra gloomy because you have the open space to see the gloom moving in and out and that's the best part.

I love the freedom of not having residency over our heads anymore and knowing that this winter will be a good one because there is nothing to worry about anymore. Winter 2011 was the worst winter for us emotionally. Things are different this year and we can enjoy the season with our only woe being - need more wood!

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