Thursday, February 2, 2012

Re: Larry

Scheduled to have 2 heart tests next week for a coronary angiography of some sort. This uses dye or a radiology tag and x-rays to provide an image of the heart. The test needs to get a positive before a kidney transplant. It's both exciting and scary.

Prepping a weeks worth of medication.
4 pill boxes needed and does not include 3 recormon shots or the daily eye drops!

Two months worth of meds.
Picked them up yesterday in a huge shopping bag. To my surprise the entire 2 months worth cost $2 .. and that was a fax fee for the chemist receiving a fax from our clinic. Still appreciative that residency was granted after two solid denials.

A gallon of fluid was taken off of him at yesterdays dialysis session. Me thinks his disgusting addiction to slushies does not help things. Believe it or not, the slushies aid his nausea better than prescribed metoclopramide ever has done.

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