Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Paleo Chili - 1/47

Chili is basic. It's the extras you add that give it your own unique kick.

Along with 2 kinds of chili, I use cayenne. Not pictured is paprika, cocoa and corn starch (corn flour for those down under).

Process the powders before adding - minus the cocoa - for a good mix. Or use a mortar & pestle.

Add the cocoa to 3/4 c of water, then add to the pot.

Zuchinni, courgettes & marrow are all the same thing.
It pays to know your vegetables in both english languages.

Ready for Larry when he get's home from dialysis tonight.

Kudo's to Marta despite the fact that my paleo chili wasn't really that paleo friendly at all.

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