Saturday, January 28, 2012

Red Velvets

My baby brother doesn't believe I know how to cook/bake and that's quite true of pre-USA me.
Post-USA me has been educated! Even if I show him my certificate he wouldn't believe it unless he's standing in the kitchen watching me.

Today was a Red Velvets day.

I used shortening in the batter instead of butter.

I followed a different recipe that didn't have my secret ingredient in or butter just to see how this recipe came out.

Mix the red with the cocoa. Make it into a paste.

Always a messy process making Reds.

See the grit?
I could go on about Butter vs Shortening and the science of it. Long story short - I didn't get emulsified shortening (high ratio), which is meant for cakes. I just got the one that wasn't $6 on the shelf.

The creamy smooth velvetty batter just wasn't happening.
Never ever EVER use shortening in cake batter.

Marshmallow frosting on high.
I really need to learn how to pasteurize eggs.
The frosting calls for raw egg whites.

Fortunately, everything worked out.
The cake was surprisingly moist and fluffy.
If anything, less cocoa to bring out the power of the Red.

Chili for dinner.

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