Thursday, January 19, 2012

Re: Larry

Ophthalmologist appointment yesterday showed slight bleeding in the right eye, but no swelling. Good news. The left eye remains as it is - AWOL. Sight in the right eye may improve with glasses (glass since we'll only need one lens). We will take care of that next monthly possibly. Should his eye deteriorate, the next surgery on it would be a vitrectomy, which is the surgery that ruined his left eye. Plans now are to keep the eye maintained by way of drops to keep the pressure down.

Renal appointment today with a new nephrologist. We discussed our next move as far as dialysis is concerned and our nurse Natasha was happy to know that we were still keen on Peritoneal Dialysis (PD). I can't say it enough, it's a much better choice. Not as effective as Haemo, but it's flexible which adds to his quality of life. With haemo, we're stuck here because they need at least 2 months in advance to schedule you in at a clinic out of town. I'm fine with dialysis running my life, but we have the option to not let it run our lives completely and that is PD.

Tenckhoff Surgery requested today at a date sometime in the next 3 months. We requested another surgeon. The BEST news today was that Larry will be placed on the transplant list. For some reason, the last nephrologist we met with wasn't too keen on this and I'm pretty sure it had something to do with diabetes and Larry's attitude towards it's relationship to kidney failure. I haven't blogged about that before. The short version is: Kidney Failure, in a way, cures diabetes. Larrys blood sugar levels show no diabetes, but diabetes has been the purpose for the kidney failure. She wanted to give him time to accept the truth, which was: Diabetes caused his kidney failure. He needs to shed 10lbs, maintain that weight and his BMI and all will be well.

Both appointments were good appointments. Next stop, glasses shop!

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