Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Fire in Hastizzle.

Surfing around on Twitter tonight, I happened upon a retweet that mentioned something about a fire in Hastings, followed by an iMessage asking if I knew about the fire.

I walked outside to pan the night sky and see what I could see. We live near a prison and those lights usually light up the sky. We also live near an aerodrome and, when night flight school is in session, the run way lights light up the sky too.

Town is 8kms away. I could see the fire, which was near 12kms away. Told Larry there was a fire somewhere, listen out for the baby incase she woke up, got in the car and drove towards the light.

2kms from the spot I was pulled up by a policeman who was stopping cars from going any further. Refusing to be bummed out, I told him I forgot my badge, but I was a photographer from The Dominion and told him I'd appreciate him letting me as far as I could go safely. He pointed me in a direction 1km closer and off I drove to get my shot.

I didn't drive 12kms for nothing man!

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