Friday, December 9, 2011

Vetro & Silky Oak

Vetro is a Mediterranean store in Ahuriri.
It's not very Mediterranean, but its still a great shop.
The prices are out of my range, but it didn't stop me today.

New Zealand made spices and extracts.

Dried fruits & nuts.

Heilala Vanilla..

I grabbed a 200g slice of aged gouda cheese ...

... to go with the chorizo sausage.

They have rabbit.
Now I know where to go when I want to make coniglio al cioccolato for the family and pretend it's chicken.

I've decided the menu for christmas lunch based on todays Vetro visit.
I've always said NZ has the best chocolate in the whole world.
Hawkes Bay has the best chocolate in the world.

Silky Oak is a chocolate factory bang between Hastings & Napier.
Expensive and worth it.

Coconut Rough Hedgehog. (My favorite).
These mouthfuls will cost you $2.70 each.

The Caramel Animals. (Larrys favourite)

The Marble Lamb. (Shai's favourite).

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