Saturday, December 10, 2011


The Eye.

It looks way better than the day after he got his first eye surgery last year.
All is well with it.
No dialysis today. He is sick.

The Garden.
Everything is growing. First sign of Romas.

The Cucumber.

The Sugar Peas.

The Bell Peppers. (green)

The Unknown.
I don't know if these are peppers or tomatillos.

The Cherry Tomatoes.

The Cutest Girl in the World being the naughtiest girl in the world.

She mocks me with her eyes when I stoutly tell her 'No!'.

The Cherries.
First grade of the season.

The King Fish.
Jeston went fishing with Papa Greg this afternoon and bought home this. Without Papa's help, the fish's Aunty would be taking a picture of him holding Jeston.

El Diablo said she caught it ... but she was too busy upturning pot plants and throwing ceramic bowls at walls, because her TV priviledges were revoked at 6pm tonight, which was around the time they caught it.

You gotta love life sometimes, you just gotta.

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