Thursday, December 8, 2011

Re: Larry

He had both surgeries yesterday .. at the same time. I have not seen him since his surgeries. The hospital closes at 8pm and he was in recovery at 7pm. No one is permitted to be in recovery unless you are a parent with a child.

I have 2 complaints about the hospital today to add to the complaints that are already sitting in my back pocket.
1. They did the surgeries at the same time. When he was being pre-addmitted for cataract & the vitrectomy they said it was a big no no at the hospital to do surgeries at the same time. This rule resulted in us paying for two seperate surgeries.

2. I can't go up there to see him until 1pm today, that's visiting hours. I will be turned away at the door if I attempt to go in any earlier. I'd like to sit there with him to be of some comfort during his discomfort.

The day before my aunty died, she was told her cancer had spread. I sat with her that whole afternoon from 1pm to closing time (8pm). She was irritated, quiet and defeated. She asked me what time I would be back the following day and I told her I'd ask a nurse if I could come in earlier. I asked the charge nurse and she told me I'd have to wait until 1pm when visiting hours start. There was no way around that, I would just have to wait.

... and because of that rule, my Aunty died alone the next morning a little after 9am.
I still can't deal with that.

4 hours till I can visit.

All went well with the surgeries.

10am update: Called the hospital to see how he was this morning. Nurse said he was discharged an hour ago.

Complaint 3: CALL ME. Stupid bastards.

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El Dee said...

How could they NOT call you?!?! How, exactly, did they anticipate him getting home?! *eye roll*

Glad to hear things went well, regardless of idiocy on the paperwork end of things!

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