Friday, December 23, 2011

Rabbit, Chocolate, Pizza, Kids

Coniglio al Cioccolato.
I told my Mum I bought a rabbit today. She asked if it was white with red eyes because she loves those kinds of rabbits. I said no. She asked where it was, she wanted to hold him. I told her it was in the microwave defrosting.
When I told the family I was making chocolate rabbit they asked about moulds, chocolate flavors and what time they'd be ready to eat
Gourmet to primates is a candy coated banana.

Start with the mirepoix.

Add pine nuts (holy christmas tree $80 per KG), raisins, cloves and wild fennel.

The Wabbit.
Move everything into a crock pot and add the wine.

I have a thing for this wine.
Ngatarawa Stables - peach, honey and turkish delight.

I added chicken too because rabbit is $39 per kg and I had to feed an army.

Cioccolato - bitter.

Let it sit for 2 hours on high.


Cranberry, Port & Pepperoni pizza.

Without them, I wouldn't have a headache this christmas season.

Look at our hubba (baby on the right), shes the cutest in the bunch. I don't know what she's wearing, but she's still fantastic.

El Diablo has been opening her christmas presents for the last 2 weeks.
Love them all, but they do drive me bonkers.

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