Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry New Zealand Christmas!

It had been planned for weeks that we weren't being traditional this year by having the big family feast and lounging all day.
After spending christmas eve with family lastnight, we came home to watch bit torrent Terra Nova episodes till 5am and went to bed till 1pm.
Texts from my parents invited us to join them not-fishing at Awatoto when we rose from slumber.

That kahawai jumped into the chilly bin and broke it's own neck.

That's not a fishing rod nor is it a fish he's reeling in. *wink wink*

So. Hope our Bishop doesn't read this blog or we'll have some 'splaining to do next Sunday.
Home to open presents with Carlos.

Felled the christmas tree yesterday. I had to. She pulled it down twice and my older brother said my icicle decorations looked like crack pipes.
Christmas is done and I am glad!
Back into it with 5pm dialysis tomorrow.

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