Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Weekend

The centerpieces are done. After Dinner Mints were my first candy preference, but I couldnt find any suitable to stick a skewer in successfully. Pineapple lumps instead.

Lights off - LEDs on.
Due to the weather for the week, we may not put up the gazebo like I had originally planned. Weather permitting.

Possums are pests in New Zealand .. so this is ok.
A family of possums have been living in my brothers roof. His kids got use to the horrific sounds they make.
RIP Possum #2.


Not only do we RIP the possum, but also the eel Jeston & his Dad caught at the creek tonight. This is a runt compared to the giganto's you can catch around here.

Our ward had their Primary Presentation today. Not everyone came, but we still rocked it. My piano playing was pretty tragic today because of my shoulder.

Carlos in her pretty church dress.

The many faces of our Carlos.

Zimma Pere had her debut shoot today at church.

She is cute.

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