Saturday, October 15, 2011

Re: Larry

Dialysis today.
Dialysis Monday & Tuesday.
Tuesday afternoon a brand new Tenckhoff will be installed.
2 nights in hospital should see him right.
Unlike the first time they installed the Tenckhoff, it's not laproscopic this time. They'll cut him open, hence the 2 days in hospital as opposed to the 10 hours the first time.

He currently has a 24 hour bug from germy kids. This needs to subside by tomorrow or he'll be going to the Emergency Department to better himself by Tuesday.

A visit to the Doctors yesterday for both of us shows his Creatinine is still in the 700s, mine is 79.
He was given an inhaler for asthma that has flared up and he is back on high blood pressure meds.

Looking forward to Christmas.

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