Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Rural Life

The front fence is Yucca's and Camellia bushes.

17 houses that way.

22 houses this way.

The view across the road.

No one laughs at your back up vehicle .. even when you have two kids hanging off the back.

Yucca's look prettier in the rural country side.

Gumboots are a fashion ...

Even though your satellite dish looks off, everyone knows when someone has Sky TV.

No matter how many times you hit the mail box, a rock will always fix it.

You get plums, yellow & white flesh peaches, loquots and cherry plums from the backyard.

The view of Te Mata Peak is fab from here.

Everyone has "a drum", where you burn your rubbish outside of the fire ban time .. and sometimes during the fire ban period in the dark.

Every house has one of these for lamb tail season, which is now.

The lawn mower goes moooo. (can you see it? He's licking the iron fence)

Everyone's a farmer.

We have solar clothes dryers.

The Oranges are juicier from rural soil.

There's enough lemons on our tree to feed all of America.

You buy firewood in Summer, when it's cheaper, for Winter.

I gave up Los Angeles for this .. and I'm doing ok.

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