Friday, September 9, 2011

Surgery & RWC 2011

The appointment with the Urologist/Surgeon who will work on Larrys Tenckhoff was today. We missed Wednesdays appointment and had to reschedule. Minor change, they won't pull out the whole catheter. He said the exit site looks fine and the tubing can stay in. He will open him up, like a C-Section, and attach the tube to the pelvis and make it stay. 10 days later he will be able to get back onto home PD. The only downside is that we need to be re-trained on Peritoneal Dialysis. They said it will take a week. No it won't. Surgery is set for anytime in the next 6 weeks. Larry will have to deal with Haemo for another 6 - 8 weeks.

In better unrelated news .. Rugby World Cup 2011 begins tonight. If you are not tuned into it by some means of technology, then you are insane. Remember I told you about there being 2 good things to happen this year? Rugby World Cup was 2nd to Larry's granted Residency.

Go Australia All Blacks! (I really don't think they'll take the cup, but I'm representing. Fo rizzle.).

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Melissa said...

I hope they take the cup.
My brother was telling me about how the coaches made poor decisions and could've had a better team.
I have NO WAY of viewing it and I'm so depressed about it.
I need details, so if you watch it, let me know.

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