Saturday, August 6, 2011

New Renal Nurses

We met our new renal nurses yesterday and both were pretty surprised how educated we are re: dialysis. They came to discuss options, but we've made our minds up that home dialysis is our preference. Now he's in the public health system, he goes onto a waiting list for surgery. Until then, he'll haemo dialyse. All should be done in about 2 months.

Haemo wears him out, it's a pretty aggressive treatment compared to peritoneal dialysis. Haemo does everything in 5 hours where PD is daily over a longer period of time and is more consistent. When he first dialysed in Auckland last year the nurses told us the dialysis units are very morbid and depressing. In Auckland, I never ever got that feeling and I sat there all day with him. Hawkes Bay dialysis depresses me and I only drop him off. I cannot get my head around why some people prefer haemo over PD.

Recormon shots, when taken weekly as required, takes 3 months to give the boost the patient needs. Now we have the weekly shots, he should be bouncing off the walls by Halloween.

All is well.

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Goran said...

It's fantastic to be able to read some positive stuff, please keep updating :)

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