Friday, August 12, 2011

NZ Benefits

Being a Resident sure does make a difference here.

Larry qualified for the Royal NZ Blind Foundation. Not entirely sure what they can do for him exactly, but anything is something when you've had nothing for 2 years.

We now have our very own 24-hour Renal Nurse. We have Renal Social Worker and the people at the hospital are polite to us now.

He qualifies for a Community Service Card, which is basically a subsidy card for medical and public transportation.

We have a district health nurse who visits AND a Hauora nurse.

Qualifies now for a dietician (this is based on him going on the transplant list and to manage diet control for diabetes) and a Podiatrist.

With him being sick, we also qualify for home insulation. Apparently NZ houses aren't insulated properly.

It's overwhelming at times to think that help was there the whole time, but simple status didn't qualify us.

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