Monday, July 18, 2011

Closing the blog - no es bueno.

Many of you requested I keep the blog going so you can read about the better side of things now. It will be done.

The last 4 days have been surreal. Something so little as purchasing a lawn mower was up in the air 5 days ago. Why purchase a lawn mower if we're not going to be here the next day to mow the lawns?

Now we can buy a lawn mower.
Now we can buy firewood for next winter.
Now we can start a welfare cupboard.
Now we can look forward to Christmas.
Now we can plant vegetables in the Spring.
Now we can allow our nieces to sleep over. (we didn't do this lest they get too attached and we have to leave, but that ship had sailed)
Now we can plan birthdays.
Now we can plan family trips away.
Now we can save for a rainy day.
Now we can wait patiently for Rugby World Cup 2011 in 53 days.
Now we can start our forever.

What's happened since Friday.

Saturday morning, 5am, Larry was rushed into the ER because his tunnel line was bleeding out. Pressure took care of that and we were home again at 9am. Haemo Dialysis at 12pm for Larry where they pulled off 4.5 liters of water, remember he was retaining about 20lbs of it from being overloaded when his catheter stopped working, and met his target weight of 113kgs.

Sunday, always a day saved for religion.

Today he has Haemo from 5pm - 9.30pm. I'm pretty sure they added a third shift to their roster at the Dialysis Unit for this reason. It really is a small unit with only 6 chairs. The entire unit would fit into our house it's so small and I understand now the frustration of the hospital and their reluctance to take resources away from those who, by virtue of the citizenship, qualify. The 5am wake up call didn't bother me at all. Every time you enter the hospital they give you a form to check over to see whether or not any information had changed. Lucky for them, his status now read Resident. We received congratulations from several ER staff, dialysis staff and other DHB staff.

When we receive the original of the letter stating the overturned decision, we need to head to Wellington to pay the migrant levy and get his passport stamped to make it all official. Getting this will also qualify him for the Recormon shots subsidy.

I can't wait to call the Ophthalmologists receptionist to make an appointment for his eyes. He'll finally get the oil out of his eye that's been siting in there for close to a year.

There are always going to be hurdles, but by the skin of our teeth did we make it over the biggest one.


SuperMouseDV said...

This is Hal..
Im so thrilled that you are keeping us informed on what is happening with Larry.. And even more thrilled that God came in and saved the day. I look forward to seeing the continuing journey of "Larry the Light Wave 3D Guy" :) . Im very glad my friend has you in his life standing by his side.

Im so hoping that he gets some function back in his eyes. He is a really talented man and even if he does not he still is a great friend.

Crystal Pistol said...

You're allowing comments! I'm so happy things are looking up for you. You've had a rough go of it! my prayers are with you.

Keep smiling and writing, girl!

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