Friday, July 29, 2011

29th of July - Lots of activity in PA today

Where to start ...

Papa Greg fixed the quad and took 7 kids for a ride on it today. At the same time.

Quinn & Jeston got to ride ..

.. hooked up the trailer with bunji cord ...

(Never a dull moment in PA)

... and went to collect pine cones from the back paddock.

Oriwa found the toilet of the Armegeddon.

The kids made a camp fire.

Brooke got her ears pierced.

Sizzlers and campfires don't mix, not even the extra cheese ones.

We had an impromtu birthday party for Maia a day before her birthday. It's ok to be backwards in PA, everything else is.

Le Kids.


Kids with Great-Grandmother, Ma.

Brooke and her Gluten free sausage.

Birthday Lamington. Kudo's New World.

Roasting marshmallows.

El Diablo arrived.

Minus 7, but we'll do it all again on the weekend.

Winding down.

Olly being Tinkerbell.

The cutest girl in the world.

And finally, Michelle's special friend.

You're welcome.

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