Thursday, June 30, 2011

Over done, near burned.

Time truly does suck. Now throw in a tube complication and the flu and you'll find yourself the sole occupant in Igiveupville.

Waiting for evidence for the appeals tribunal.
Specialist is on holiday.
The tube inside his peritoneum cavity has shifted and causing a slow outflow. Found this out when the cycler beeped ALL NIGHT a few nights ago.
He hasn't had proper dialysis for 3 days now.
The Renal Nurse suspects it's a intestinal blockage situation.
Laxing him up has done diddly squat.
We need to go to our GP and get a Supine Axr and Lateral Pelvis, which is I'm guessing an X-Ray.
If it's not fixed by tomorrow we have to 'present ourselves to Hastings hospital' for an catheter manipulation. They love us there.

So things are pretty effed up right now.

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Melissa said...

Sorry Camilla.
Best of luck.

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