Monday, May 30, 2011

Nearly June.

Just over a year ago we were told Larry had less than 12 months left. I'm glad we bypassed that hurdle, but in a year we're still jumping hurdles every turn we take.
If only New Zealand would grant his residency, it would really be the end of our problems, but alas, we are still awaiting a decision.

Right now Larry's health is below 50%. He'll have a blood transfusion on Wednesday. This will be a huge help. We're about 25 days from running out of dialysis fluid and the skies are grey in that area. His creatanine is at 1100. Our Specialist will tolerate anything up to 1200 before haemo-dialysis is needed.

It's a race for time, money and a decision. It's always been a race and the reality is that we have no control over pace nor do we know where the finish line is.

Larry very rarely gets on his computer these days. Now and again I'll check his Skype, emails and a few forums he use to frequent, but his energy is so low that some days he doesn't have the gusto to sit up, but he is ok and getting everyone's messages. If I sat down and responded to them all, it would take all day. Thanks from him, thanks from me!

Friday, May 27, 2011

I love our Doctor.

Our GP is an amazing woman.
Larry's BP is high, back in the 200s. He shows no physical signs of being overloaded with fluid, but it seems this is the case since his weight is back at 116kgs where his goal weight it supposed to be 111kgs.


2x 2.5% dialysis bags over the next few days should do the trick as well as laying off the fluids and actually sticking to his allowed 1 liter (this is an ongoing battle with him as ice lessens the effects of anaemia and so he chews ice all day every day). Now I hide the ice trays so he can't make them. Simple as that.

Received an email tonight from our Doctor re: a blood transfusion. He needs one immediately. Immediate is on Wednesday and I don't know who has funded it, but it's been done. Our Doctor is also going to light a fire under the Tribunal to see if she can't get the appeal process expedited under humanitarian grounds.

Try praying with a sincere heart and pure intent.
Its works.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Livians Batch


The Livian's are mostly unpacked. There's Carlos on the floor, but she likes it better at our house.

Pantry, since the batch doesn't have many cupboards.

The best part of the batch, the dining area.

New sink, new oven, same cucarachas.

Snow White being Sleeping Beauty.

The outside.

I don't know how 7 people are going to fit into a 1 bedroom batch.
We'll take Carlos, there's room here for her.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Not going to be an easy day, week, month, year.

He needs a blood transfusion.
He's a non resident.
I called the Immigration & Protection Tribunal office to inquire as to whether they are able to give us a time frame. I was told that they are currently processing last years appeal applications. She said different applications fall into different categories, which may or may not process faster, but at this point they are backlogged with appeals.
I don't know if life or death would qualify as a good enough reason to expedite and I honestly do not know where to even start there.
I've emailed our Politician helper.
Faith is all we have and that is wearing thin along with my patience and emotions.
Sometimes there's no such thing as 'keeping it together'.

New day, different brick wall.

Larry needs a blood transfusion. His hemaglobin is low, 60 I do believe. His Creatinine is up, 1100, but according to the Kidney specialist, it's nothing to worry about and I did remember him mentioning that before.

So I fast today, because from experience re: non-residency, a blood transfusion won't be free or cheap.

Need a speedy appeal decision and a positive appeal decision.

Monday, May 23, 2011


The things you can do when you live a rural life are entertaining when you're a 3 year old.

El Diablo (Rome) made a space ship out of a hamper, box and a moving dolly.

Carlos joined in.

Aunty pushed them all around the yard.

Until Camp leader fell asleep.

The Livians stuff arrived today via Conroy.
Best place to use for International Freight by the way.

Happy Birthday to Aunty Pony, Uncle Everard & Papa Jeff.

Blood Work.

Haven't had a blood work up since February or a Recormon shot since April.

No word from the Tribunal re: The Appeal.
I hope it's soon.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Rice Krispy Treats/LCMs

As simple as these are to make, I don't know why they sell for $5 a box in the supermarket here.

A bag of rice bubbles/rice krispies, or cocoa pops/krisps.

3 bags of marshmallows.

Melt marshmallows (sugar free & Gluten free are available) with 1/2 c of Olivite or Butter.

Melt till it's total fluff. Add cranberries, raisins, mini-M&Ms here.

Then add rice bubbles.

Chill for a couple of hours then cut, cling wrap and restore.
Good times.

Carlos, F.H.E & Treats

Trying to teach Carlos to crawl.

She's too lazy.

F.H.E activity was to speak kind words to each other.

Hence the cookies shaped like lips/a mouth.

If you spoke kind words, you got chocolate on your cookie.
They got a drift after a few rounds with no reward .. because "I like Nessa because her shirt is blue", does not qualify as kind words.

When you can't have a toffee apple, you make Rice Krispy Treats.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Appeal and such.

Received the receipt re: the lodgement of the application.
They're pulling our Immigration Records, this is typical.
Our hearts are hopeful and we have 30 days of dialysis fluid left.
Got a nice fat enevelope today from Mercy Ascot Hospital, the hospital where Larry had his Tenchkoff inserted. After 7 months they send a bill for $3000 that the kidney place was SUPPOSED to have paid.
Our church has paid close to $80,000 in the last 7 months.
Mercy Ascot can kiss my grits.

Nessa's Baptism, Shai's Photos & Carlos.

Nessa was 8 back in October 2010, but she wanted to come home to get baptized.
Here she is with her Dad (my older brother) before her dunking took place.

Nessa with her Mum & Dad.

Rome, aka El Diablo, should have been dunked too.

Shailahzay had her first photography lesson on Thursday morning.

Her subject was El Diablo. (The Devil)

Carlos didn't like her Sweetcorn & Pumpkin lunch.

Carlos & Uncle Larry napping.

She's so cute.
I steal her every day.
You would too.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Martyn Payne

Tonight on Campbell Live, a 60 Minutes type program here in NZ, they ran a story on Martyn Payne, a resident of the UK, who came to NZ on a visitors visa, got a work permit and had been here for 15 years. He applied for residency based on Entrepreneurship and was declined because of health issues. He put hundreds of thousands, if not millions, back into the economy from his business. He was deported I think a week ago and is currently in Brisbane awaiting what INZ will do after the media attention he's received.

My heart sank when I listened to his story, no disrespect to him, but it sank for my own situation. The kind of feeling you get from taking two steps forward then being Kamehameha'd 10 feet back.

It sent me into a frenzy searching for appeals (they're publicized) via the Ministry of Justice website and it bought back some hope as I read through some. I found Martyn Payne's appeal online and did some comparing.

What we have on our side is the fact that I am a NZ Citizen and my family are here. He and his wife are both UK Citizens and have no family here.

We applied under the Family Partnership category for residency, he applied under the Entrepreneur category.

He is financially comfortable and the appeals tribunal listed that as a good enough reason to go back to the UK. They have money and property. They can easily sell up here to go back to the UK and start over. We can't.

Yes we have a house, but it's still going through the motions with the courts to officially be in our name. I can't sell it and move back. Then there's my US Residency drama.

I then looked up every appeal I could find that had been declined by the appeals gods to ease my mind. All appellants and sponsors of the declined appeals were not NZ Citizens. Most were from countries like Malaysia, Fiji or the Philippines and ALL were declined because of proof of not living in a genuine relationship. Some had 'site visits' by INZ, who actually visited to their place of residence to grill them.

As for Martyn Payne. He deserves residency.
Larry deserves residency, if for anything, because I'm a citizen and I have every right to remain in my country with who I want with me. No one should be able to tell me that I must leave.

I'm mere inches from going racial and ranting to whoever about how my people were here first. I am fortunate to have radical maori activist family members to support ... but they're kind of like the last option because ... my people once ate white people for breakfast and food prices right now are pretty horrific.

I have also been following all the NZ political movements and doings over the last 2 months and I can safely say they're complete imbeciles. Really don't know what planet they're on anymore.
Need a comet.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


My brother and his wife moved home from Australia last week.
We had our first FHE with them lastnight at the Parentals house.

The game was the first to empty their cup via the long straws got an extra funnel cake.

Nessa won (at the end).

Her prize.

The kids with Uncle Larry.
My new habit below .. she's delicious and LOVES Aunty (not Aunty Ness).

Funnel Cakes for FHE

The game was the quickest to empty the cup through the looooooong straws, won an extra funnel cake.

Nessa won. Her prize.

Funnel cakes with trimmings.
Popular at Disneyland.
Basically a mutant deep fried pancake with icing sugar and cream.
I should have used chocolate syrup because the golden syrup was not fab.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day.

Sometimes it's hard to maintain our optimism when you read over the news or see on TV about how immigration NZ has upped their anti and enforced rules and laws.

Reading today of a Malaysian man and his two children. The article was focused more towards his two children who have been excluded from attending school because they don't qualify as being here 'unlawfully' long enough. Now, if that isn't a rule pulled straight from someones ass for the fun of it, then I don't know what it is.

What sends shivers up my spine about the case is that the man is dying of cancer. He was diagnosed with cancer of the liver here in New Zealand upon renewing his visa and completing the medical (after being here since 2003), Immigration NZ consider him a burden on the NZ health system, like they do Larry. Reading the article, it doesn't seem that he was given the opportunity to appeal and INZ have advised him to voluntarily leave NZ or face deportation.

We have my citizenship on our side and the family focus we were advised to take in the appeal process and apart from the faith of friends and family, that's all we have. So we're getting mixed feelings again about the appeal after reading about the Malaysian man.

11 days ago I posted the appeal off, 9 of them business days. Track & Trace postage serial says the application was received 7 days ago. We have not got a letter of receipt yet but it's basically going to say, "Got it, keep waiting, talk soon".

I'm in love with my mail box as of late.

Finally, Happy Mothers Day to our Mothers! (Tomorrow for Larry's Mom).
When I thanked my mum for being the best mum for 32 25 years, she told me she may not have been the best mum, but she was the right mum. She also said that being a mother is not about having children, it's about sacrifice.
I'd be a great mother.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

No news = good news.

There isn't a whole lot to report on as of late.
The appeal is in. He has his recormon shots and apart from a 24 hour bug that he has right now that's causing him to vomit everything he eats, it's all good so far.
I wrote a letter to the Hawkes Bay District Health Board, basically bitching about the inhumane way they've treated non-resident-Larry. I detailed of how their pre-payment scheme for non-residents ultimately cost him his eye sight.
The responded.
They don't care.

Love my country!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Feijoas & Feijoa Fizz

More preservings. Trying to save a couple for my sis-in-law Tash, who will be here at Christmas. Finger crossed they'll survive. I have nieces, other sis in laws and a sister who love feijoas too.

Saw this today in a gas station. I didn't know Fresh Up did fizzy feijoa drinks.
Have not tried it yet, it's full of sugar, but worth the rush.

Happy Birthday Hubs!

Today, she's 11. She didn't mind one but that we're in Level 3 lockdown. At the very least, we have Delivery Easy to bring us ta...