Saturday, April 2, 2011

Horrific Day

Today my feelings towards my country have changed, drastically.

We’ve struggled to stay in New Zealand at the expense of Larry's eye sight. We delayed surgeries and appointments because we didn’t have the money to go and do it immediately and money was required because of his non resident status. The Hawkes Bay District Health Board plainly said, "Helping you would set a bad precedent. You need to pay first before we treat you". This attitude cost him his eye sight. He has been without Recormon shots because we need to pay for them, $100 per shot, needed twice a week. His right eye is temporarily out of action and working to just get an appointment is an effort because they remind us EVERYTIME that we have to pay for it out of pocket, which we've done.

We have relied on our church for too long. It needs to end because we're using up their resources. ALL money that our church has paid has gone back into New Zealand. All monies we've had in 2 years has gone back into New Zealand and still, Larry is kept from accessing the health system.

New Zealand has breached the International Covenant on Civil & Political Rights where it states not to discriminate on a number of bases: race, ethnic, origin, social status etc.

New Zealand claims it's family oriented. New Zealands "Settlement Support Operations" ensures migrants/visitors feel welcome and integrate into society essentially wanting to make New Zealand their permanent home.

The Immigration Bill is all about balancing the rights of the individual and NZ being known as a strong National Identity. How can New Zealand retain it's claim and objective in being a strong national identity when you deny residency to an applicant and possibly undo 10 years of marriage? Immigration NZ wants to support those with real interests in being in New Zealand. Hello? New Zealand? We're here.

We’ve had to drive hundreds of miles just to get surgeries and it’s been a horrific burden. This country has chewed us up and spit us out. What we’ve had to go through here has made anything we’ve had to go through in the US a cake walk. We’ve beat our heads against this for two years. We’ve put our savings and money back into the NZ economy. We've poured our hearts out to the Immigration department just to get a prolonged NO.

Short from telling my country to go F itself, I'm appealing without a Lawyer. Larry doesn't want to appeal. Possibly the most stupid thing I'll ever do, but we can't afford a lawyer. We've had to beg family just to afford the fee to appeal and we're OVER doing that too.

The powers-that-be in the NZ Immigration Department are heartless.

Exclude the kidney disease, Larry would qualify as a skilled migrant to New Zealand. At one point in the last 10 years, he made over $2000 per week USD. You do the math but it equals skilled.

The New Zealand Bill of Rights Act itself has a very strong anti-discrimination provision, which includes non-discrimination on the basis of ability.

I hoped my country would pull it's finger out of it's acclaimed humatarian ass and give us a break. We only want to be together. Leaving here would be leaving a house and everything in it and starting over from scratch.

New Zealand is slowly killing my husband.
I can't even pull the race card on this crap because I've read through the Treaty of Waitangi several times this week only to discover it's all about land.

If only Larry were Frodo Baggins.
Under that Long White Cloud is an unethical power.

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