Friday, April 8, 2011

Adam & Eva's Food Store

I discovered Adam & Eva's googling for Yerba Mate in the Hawkes Bay area. I know theres a place in Napier, but Napier sucks for parking. Havelock North has a teeny-tiny-fit-in-your-back-pocket town, but it took a while to find Adam & Evas. Originally, I was going to get Frito chips from the Havelock New World, but remembered Adam & Evas once I got there.

With Tamale's on my mind, I picked up a few things. Village Press olive oil with a lime infusion, which I substituted for lard in the dough.

I used 3/4 Masa Harina and 1/4 Besan flour from A&E.
The taste? Not too shabs, not too shabs at all.

One thing I don't do is cook whole chicken.
I hate the chore.

I wish Adam & Eva's had dried corn husks (and powdered horse radish), but it wasn't so and I ordered these online from Tio Pablo.

I don't know if these are cherry peppers or not, but they were a good combo with the chicken. After my trip to A&E, I found the exact same bottle cheaper at Countdown.

Picante Peppers with pollo in the top bowl and tomatillo with pollo in the bottom.


Always stand vertically for an even steam.

50 minutes in the steamer.

Overall, loved Adam & Eva's. Purchase over $40 of stuff and you get a free coffee and cake.
I suggest the brownie with a hot chocolate.

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