Saturday, March 19, 2011

NZ Constitution

Since Larry can't see much of anything, I spend alot of time reading to him - when he's not watching/listening to American news. School started for me this week and I've been reading to him from my set text, Understanding Commercial Law.

Yesterday we began the NZ Consitition portion of the study. We consider ourselves intelligent people, but often times during the read we found ourselves at a loss as to what exactly we were reading.

The NZ Constitution is an unwritten constitution. It takes portions of several statutes, treaties and other constitutional conventions .. possibly the back of a cereal box ... and calls it the unwritten constitution. It's pretty much a shambles.

Learning of this over the last two days has only given me the insentive to search out loop holes in the system to keep Larry in the country should residency be declined.

I've said it before .. if the Prime Minister could change a law for a hobbit, he can change a law for a human.

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