Wednesday, March 16, 2011


A letter came from Immigration yesterday that made my heart skip a beat at just seeing the envelope. Turned out to be a reminder than they're still waiting for the police reports. New Zealand don't understand that the US is in the middle of it's own economic/political melt down right now causing the FBI to take budget cuts. The LEAST of their worries is our police certificates.

I wrote yet another support letter to our case worker where I stated that with all the turmoil and disasters going on in the world today, the last thing I'm going to do is separate from my husband because of a decision they made. I don't want to fight anyone anymore I'm pretty tired of doing that and I really don't have the strength to fight the US on my Immigration issue. We wouldn't be able to take another battle.

People have said we we're stupid for moving, people who don't know us mind you, but it still cuts. You don't know the whole story. People have questioned the work issue, why Larry can't work why I don't work, again, you've skipped over parts of the story. It is what it is.

In May the payments for dialysis will be 're-evaluated'. Hoping, praying, whatever Immigration has a decision in our favor by then or we win the lotto. Either one will do.

Dialysis is going accordingly.
Larry is still blind. I hate to say that the cataract surgery didn't do diddly squat, but it seems this is the case.

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