Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Eyes.

Don't take for granted your vision, ever.
What we thought would be the best surgery he'd have yet, turns out the cataract surgery did little improvement to his eyes. We have heard several success stories, most of which the vision was restored within a day or two. We were told 2 - 3 weeks and it's been that long.

His eye is sensitive to sunlight. When we go driving he closes his eyes. During the day the curtains are drawn and he sits in darkness all day because of it. At church his eyes are closed. Can't walk down the street because it's too bright out and believe it or not, wearing sunglasses gives little help.

Looking at the computer screen is still a struggle, which is why, as some of you may notice, he hasn't been online much. Most days I read him his messages. Some days he may see well enough to initiate a Skype call to someone or type a message. Perhaps if his monitor was 60 inches, we may get somewhere.

Yellow dialysis bags overload him. We've discovered this over the last week as he's been pretty sick because of it. He's retaining water and it makes him feel horrible. Doctor called this morning and the next order will be all green bags. He'll be on a mixture of yellow/green at nights. This should make him feel alot better.

Resveratrol has been helping his eyes, at least the completely blind eye.
It looks less X-Files now.

I decided today that we need a new Opthomologist. I sincerely hate the current one.

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