Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Happy days.

We were supposed to have an eye appointment yesterday at 1pm. We did not receive the memo. I think the hospital officially hate us. I call there almost everyday to talk to the stupid women in accounts receivable. Yesterday they told me they received the monies for the cataract surgery on March 4th.

March 4th 2010 or March 4th in a few weeks time March 4th? Nice paperwork job ladies.

We're supposed to head in tomorrow. I'm still waiting on that call to confirm. If they stick to protocol, I should get the call on Friday morning to say the appointment is on Thursday the day before.

Immigration are processing his temporary visa. It's gone to the medical assessors and goes through a different criteria since it's only a temporary visa. I'd cross my fingers, but that hasn't worked since we began this journey.

Any lawyers out there?
We need one. A pro-bono one.

All this injustice had me thinking over the last couple of months. Twiddling my thumbs weighing the advantages and disadvantages.
I applied for law school.
I need to understand why people are a-holes and I need to know how to manage them.

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