Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Cycler Process

Turn the machine on.

Place bags. 2 6000ml bags. One on the machine, to heat to body temperature, the other next to it - to be sucked into the other bag to heat.

Close all clamps on the pump system.

Self explanatory.

Load the set.

Attach the drain bag and wait 3 minutes while the machine runs a self test.

This is the sterile part.
Decap, connect, break the frangible, open the clamp times two.
Open the clamp on the patient line. (Last tube on the left)

Priming takes 8 minutes.

Ready to go. Connect the patient.

Here should be a photo of Larry plugged in. I forgot.
The snot looking stuff is fibrin.
I opened a bag one day just to feel it.
Feels like rubber and stretches like a thick thick egg white.
Now and again fibrin appears in the drain bag.

We do this daily.
It's only 15 minutes at the most, but sometimes it's the worst 15 minutes of my day.
It's also a life saving 15 minutes and that's what counts.

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