Sunday, February 20, 2011

Going Mexican

There's one Mexican Restaurant in Hawkes Bay. Holy Guacamole apparently did their research and discovered that us Kiwi's are pansies when it comes to spice and so their picante sauce is not picante at all.

They're ok when you need a Mexican food fill, however, I'm better.

Spanish blood runs through my husbands veins and he's the negative vibe behind the "NZ has primate food" attitude. I love my country most times, but I have to agree with him.

Quesadilla - Chicken, Onions and Cheese with the accompanying condiments. I have a sandwich press that fits a folded 9 inch tortilla in it. It's magical. Quick, simple and even my Maori family enjoy them.

Tostada de Pollo - Chicken Salad in a tortilla bowl. You eat the whole thing. My parents think tostadas are the rockstar of my Mexican cookery and I have to agree. I spent 6 years ordering tostadas bowls before I ventured out to fajitas and enchiladas.

Tostada de Pescado - Fish tostada. Once I wanted to order a Tostada de Camarone (Shrimp Salad) but instead said Tostada de Cabron (Bastard Salad). Innocent mistake.

Tamales - There's no other way to explain them other than to say that they resemble dumplings. They're made from Masa Harina, which I have to order online from an over priced store Tio Pablo, and steamed in corn husks, again a Tio Pablo product. Worth it.

So if you're in Hawkes Bay and you want Mexican food, don't go to Holy Guacamole, come to me.

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