Wednesday, February 9, 2011


The surgical removal of part of the iris.
The lens was stuck to the iris and fluid build up was causing some pain in his eye, similar to the time when he woke up in tears and we took him to the hospital the next day and I went ape at Kurv Studios via the blog.

Laser surgery on his left eye yesterday basically allowed the doctor to blast three holes into his iris to allow the fluid build up to leak. Apparently it hurt worse than any other eye surgery time.

He feel's better. That's the main thing.
Still can't see from out of the eye, but we keep getting different answers from the Opthomologist. Will never see again. May see. May not see. Likely not to see. Officially blind. Permanently blind.
They want to play with it anyway just because it's a rare case. I'll be happy if he just takes the oil out and call's it a day on that eye, as long as there is no immigration decision, we need to pay for everything.

I was over this week on Monday. It's 6 minutes into Wednesday.

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