Saturday, February 19, 2011

Hot Sauces

New Zealand has a fair share of hot sauces that are made locally and some of them, like the Matariki brand or the Orcona brand, are semi-respectable. There's a sweet little Kiwifruit/Jalapeno concoction someone attempted, but it tastes like relish.

I wasn't big on hot sauces in the USA until someone took WalMart away from me.

Franks Hot Sauce - A must have for hot wings.
Here in NZ, my US Born husband put's Franks in boil up and I'll discuss boil up another day, because it deserves it's own post.

Cholula Hot Sauce - Chili and Lime
A breakfast burrito must have. MexiCali Fresh, a Mexican restaurant here in NZ (that's a step down from Baja Fresh and not Authentic at all) sell these in their store for $10 each. It was worth it because they're not available here in stores at all.

Sriracha Hot Sauce - Vietnamese Hot Sauce
We fell in love at the Sushi Restaurant. This hot sauce is readily available because the Asian cuisine is popular here. It's a must have in your cupboard for noodles and is pretty fantastic with QP Mayo.

Tapatio - Picante!
Another one I picked up from Mexicali Fresh. I hate the stuff myself, but mixed with sour cream and over a quesedilla, it's not too bad.

The four must haves in your kitchen cupboard where ever you are. I utilize eBay because you'll always find that one seller who will ship to New Zealand for the price of the moon, and it's very much worth it.

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