Friday, February 25, 2011


BBQ in NZ is very different to BBQ in the USA. Maybe it was just my family, but our BBQs consisted of meat patties (hamburger), sausages (brats), maybe lamb or pork chops and a few salads. The only sauce that was served was Watties Tomato Sauce. No meat was smothered.
I didn't know what BBQ sauce was until I was 21 and new to the USA.

Ribs USA in Burbank, CA (only) and Famous Daves BBQ were two of my favourite US BBQ restaurants. It was here I discovered true BBQ.

Famous Daves specifically had a selection of BBQ sauces that you could try at your table once your platter of food came. I liked Rich & Sassy, a sweet, thick, rich BBQ sauce from Famous Daves. Husband loved Devils Spit, BBQ sauce with a peppery kick to it.

I ordered mine from eBay last week and they arrived in the mail today.

When I have all the ingredients I need, I will attempt to re-create this dish.

Note worthy: The local Asian superette in town sells A&W Rootbeer, it's labeled Sarsaparilla.

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