Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Woke up today to pool of drained solution all over the bedroom floor. Larry thought the drain bag had exploded, but that wasn't the case. I hadn't checked everything thoroughly and forgot to clip a drain clamp shut (to avoid scenarios like this). 16 liters of drained solution all over the carpet.

Rented a rug doctor cleaner device from the grocery store and pulled it all out. Problem is, the solution is mostly glucose and will attract ants.

You're entitled to a screw up when you man the ship by yourself.

I need a babysitter for 2 days, just so I can sleep.

I emailed the prime minister a couple of nights ago. I hope he reads the email, it gives a brief of our story and then my plea for him to do something about Larry's residency application. I don't know what to expect as an outcome. I didn't vote for the man myself and he's justified my reasons for not voting for him in the last year, but I can still hope he pulls an integrity rabbit from his political hat.

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