Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Immigration ..

Without going into specifics, 30k was spent on medical expenses in 2010.
What needs to happen now is NZ Immigration need to come to a decision on whether or not Larry is granted residency. It doesn't look good, but at the moment it's our only option.

We don't have monies to move to India. He doesn't have his eye sight to work in the UK. I can't get into the USA (for now) and I really don't want to move to Costa Rica.

We need to fight the battle here before we look into alternatives. We still have two bridges to cross here, 1 being denied residency pre-appeal and 2 being denied residency post-appeal.

It's come down to the FBI reports that we've requested three times. We both require police certificates from the USA and NZ and after paying each time, the FBI have not sent the needed paperwork, but they've deducted the fee each time. Bigger and better things in America to tend to I suppose.

That's all.

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