Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Monthly Order and Immigration.

The monthly dianeal order arrived today, of which, we're grateful.

The first drainage bag lastnight came out semi-milky. Milky fluid is a sign of peritonitis. To test this I usually put a page with text on under the fluid bag and if you can see through it, all is well. If you can't, things are about to hit the fan. I SMS'ed our nurse this morning and she quickly shot an SMS back to say all was well. Since we had not dialysed on Sunday at all the cavity had accumulated gunk and the gunk was drained. The two bags after that initial drain have been clear. Good news.

He can go back onto the machine tomorrow night.

I read through the Immigration NZ website today trying to find some loop hole re: Police Reports. If a Police Report is unobtainable, which in our case it's been 4 requests later and still nothing, then a statutory declaration can be written and sent in with character references. At this point, it's all we can do. We've sent in the character references. Immigration have Larry's passport, which is required to get more finger printing for police reports. We're going around in circles.

I always wanted to be in the circus.

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