Thursday, January 27, 2011

I'm still waiting.

Immigration NZ need to send back Larry's passport before we can move on with requesting our 5th set of FBI Reports. The statutory declaration only counts for countries like Qatar, which I've never even heard of before. So, we wait for the passport to come back.

As of today, the payment for cataract surgery has not been made and so, we wait for the bill to be paid.

I sent an email to the Prime Minister of New Zealand and the Minister of Immigration and I'm still waiting for some kind of response.

The Residency Application has been in for 6 months now and all we've got from that is the run around and so, we continue to wait for a decision.

Four FBI requests in and nothing returned. Still waiting.

Green card situation. Still waiting.

That's pretty much our lives. Waiting for everyone else to determine our future. It's not a nice feeling waking up and knowing that tomorrow you may not be together or that in 6 months you could be living apart. I've said it before, other people hold our lives in their hands, go figure my irritability. That cloud is constantly over our heads.

As a Christian, we believe Jesus is coming soon.
I'd rather wait for that .. it seems he'll come before we hear back from any of the above mentioned.

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