Monday, January 24, 2011


I emailed the Minister of Immigration today. I basically forwarded him the email I sent to the Prime Minister, but revised it a little. He's the other person who will be able to do something to speed up Larry's application. We're going into the local police station tomorrow to get our 4th set of finger prints for the FBI, because Immigration need the police certificates to continue processing the application. The website says that in the case that you can't get a police report, there are other options .. like the character references. Apparently NZ Immigration didn't care for the ones we sent it and still require us to get the FBI reports. So we're paying for a 4th set.

We skipped dialysis yesterday because I used his last box of machine bags on Saturday night. He had an ok day today, but was starting to feel run down early evening. He's now on his last box of manual bags. The box should see us till the morning then I hope we're going to receive an order by Wednesday.

If you're religious you'll understand fasting. Tomorrow, we fast. No ball is in our court, zip, ning, none and we need a miracle to play ball.

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