Sunday, January 30, 2011


I didn't have to wait long for the passport. As soon as we told Immigration NZ we needed it, we got the passport the next day. We went to get finger prints from the local police station and the officer remembered who we were. He should, it's our 5th time in less than 12 months. We'll have that stuff off tomorrow and I believe that this is the last thing we need in to the Immigration before we get a decision from them.

There's such a thing as a re-entry permit to get back into the USA. I have to look more into that and the only reason I'll file the application is if Larry's appeal is denied.

Larry was taken off all medication for hypertension. Weight loss and dialysis is improving his high blood pressure and the medication was only lowering his BP.

Despite that decisions in our lives are in the hands of other people, we have to keep on living as if nothing is amiss. We spent 7 years under US Immigration pressure with a pending application and the last 2 years have been spent in the same boat with NZ Immigration.

I'm taking my life off of pause and moving on with it.

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