Sunday, December 19, 2010

Up close and personal with the dialysis cycler.

There's a few reasons why the cycler machine will beep in the middle of the night. One being because it's broken and two because there's a kink in the line. This can range from sleeping on it wrong to fibrin in the tubes that requires tapping to get fluid flowing again. We keep running into snags with the latter. It beeps alot because the tubing is wrapped about Larry's body a couple of times. He's well aware that he should limit his movement to his back and one side, but when you're hibernating and slowly dehydrating from treatment it's really the last thing on your mind. So when it beeps, I have no choice but to drag myself out of bed to check error messages.

Three beeps means If you just move around you'll work out the kinks and I'll shut up.
Six beeps means I told you to move around and work out the kinks.
Constant beeps mean, You didn't hear me the first time mofo, get the hell up.

My sleeping pills don't work, not even when I take two AND a Wilma Flintstone vitamin, they just don't work. I hear the beeping when it's not beeping.

Once the cataract surgery has been done Larry will be trained to disconnect himself in the mornings.
It's a start.

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