Thursday, December 23, 2010

Cataracts and such

There's a 3 month waiting list for cataract surgery in Hawkes Bay. I don't know why, it's a 10 minute operation. My Aunt who lives across the road has been waiting for longer than 3 months so I'm guessing that 3 months is the minimum waiting time. Because Larry is a private patient, he's been bumped up the list and the max waiting time may be a month. I'm selfish. I don't give a pink M&M that there may very well be 1000 people before him who have been waiting years for the operation. We've had a crap year. We're entitled to have Grinch-like tendencies around this time of the year.

No word re: residency.
Disability application is in and pending - this can take up to 3 months too.
Dialysis treatment is going very well.
He's still blind.
He's happy.
All is well.

Merry Christmas.

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